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The angled wedge in stainless steel for safe mooring to cracks of different sizes in rocks

Batnytt Dec/2001
Praktiskt Batagande Jan/2011
Vi Batagare Feb/2012
Praktiskt Batagande Dec/2015


A known problem with earlier rock wedges is to find rock cracks narrow enough for them to fit. Also the gripping capability is far from adequate due their construction. Since they are made of relatively soft galvanized steel they are easily deformed when hammered in and eventually they will leave irritating rust stains on clothes, hands, sails and on the boats gelcoat.

SUPER-KILEN is a new kind of wedge which offers a superior gripping capability in most kinds of rocks.

The angled shaping in combination with the hard material results in that SUPER-KILEN, when hammered into broad as well as narrow cracks, twist itself to grip firmly without being deformed.
Note that it is not difficult to remove SUPER-KILEN from the crack when you are about to leave.
Due to the choice of material there is no risk for ugly rust stains.

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