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The handling of ropes when securing tarpaulins is a knotty problem. Every one knows how difficult it is to make a knot and at the same time tighten the rope sufficiently. Furthermore, after a while, the rope will always slacken and a hard knot has to be untied whereupon the procedure has to be repeated over and over again.

We are now being able to present a neat solution of the problem:
"It facilitates. We have tested and it works" Batnytt 1/2002

ROPE-MASTER secures the tarpaulin, lashes the load down on the trailer, tightens the clothes-line etc fast, easy, safe and without the use of knots

  • Locks and tightens ropes (2 - 8 mm).
  • Joins two ropes and tightens them.
  • Tightens ropes without free ends.
  • Is made of a strong and weatherproof plastic.

Instructions for use:
Make sure the rope is placed right. Place the tightened rope/rope-ends parallel in the slot between the locking crutches, turn and secure the rope in the locking hook. Maximum load limit 100 kg.


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