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for rinse-, glycol- and dry-running seawater cooled engines


Ahead of lay-up, it is important to clean the engine cooling system from salt, algae and debris to prevent corrosion damage. Before the winter lay-up, it is also important to protect the cooling system with glycol to avoid frost damage. The “earmuff” type collars available on the market are a bit unsafe and do not always work. They also require access to a hose with running water. This means that there is a great need for an alternate product.

The PRESERVATION KIT consists of:

Do like this:
Remove the propeller. Seal the bag drainage hole by means of a STRONG-GRIP wherein the plastic wound 2 times around the roller-pin. Attach the sack as shown on picture and fill with fresh water (or glycol mixture) from eg a bucket so that the cooling water intake is covered. The engine is started and allowed to idle (always follow the engine manufacturer's instructions). The liquid is re-circulated through the cooling system in a natural way for the motor. It is important to check that the cooling water circulates and that the engine does not overheat during operation. Empty the sack when finished (in a vessel to reuse any glycol mixture) through the drainage hole by removing the STRONG-GRIP.
The PRESERVATION KIT can also be used for short test runs of the engine on land.

As an added bonus, the included 5 STRONG-GRIPs can be used as attachment points on the boat’s winter cover tarpaulin.


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