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"The toughest clip in the test. It grips rockhard on any tarp" Praktiskt Batagande December 2017/January 2018
"The risk that the tarp is torn is nonexistent. Highly Recommended" Vi Batagare 12/2012
"The most effective solution" Yachting Monthly September/2011


Prize awarded fastening system with superior grip ability that holds all kind of tarpaulins and fabric materials

STRONG-GRIP consists of an aluminium clip (63 x 30 x 19 mm) and a roller-pin made of a semi-soft plastic. Those in combination provide a superior grip without causing damage to any materials.

STRONG-GRIP is simple to attach and remove. It grips firmly and does not shake loose. Cheaper than buying a new tarp when the winds have destroyed the grommets.

STRONG-GRIP can also be used to join tarpaulins together while creating a protective overlap at the same time. If the roller-pin is placed underneath the tarpaulin there is no hard part that might damage the covered object.

STRONG-GRIP represents a totally new thinking and design:

STRONG-GRIP is delivered in a pack containing two complete fastener sets and a multilingual instruction.

STRONG-GRIP may be helpful to avoid a disaster.
Hole in the hull! The water rushes in! Watch the video that shows the best way to prevent the boat from sinking.

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